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Hackathon winner Focus Tracker

neuroergonomics | May 28-2022 June 9th-2022 | No Comments

Mario De Lorenzo, Felix Maldonado, and Emma Dryden, all master students in our lab, participated in the DragonHacks 2022, to put the wearable neurotechnology skills they have learned to good use. The 24-hour hackathon was organized by Drexel IEEE Chapter and the group competed in the health section by developing Focus Tracker.

Staying focused is an important skill to maximize learning and success. Everyone learns differently, and tools that might work for somebody might not work for another. There is a need for personalized learning patterns to allow individuals to understand how they are allocating their time and for how long they can stay focused. The team used open-source software, OpenVibe, and low-cost EEG system, Unicorn, to put together a system that detects brain dynamics with an output feedback. For more information, see team’s project page.

The team won the People’s Choice Award, Winner Wolfram Award, and Winner Most Creative Use of Github. Congratulations Mario, Felix and Emma!

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