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Neuroergonomics & Neuroengineering Lab

Bringing the brain into the picture

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About Us

The Ayaz Lab is a multi-disciplinary lab focused on harnessing the intersection of neuroscience, neuroengineering, cognitive sciences, and human factors to develop systems and environments informed by neuroergonomics.

We are focused on exploring neuroergonomics for brain health and performance research. We develop and/or utilize diverse wearable neurotechnologies (mobile neuroimaging + multi-modal approaches and neurostimulation), physiological sensing, and behavioral methods to investigate human brain function in realistic and real-world environments, across the lifespan and from healthy (typical to specialized groups) to diverse clinical conditions (mental health to neurological).  

Latest Updates


- November 13, 2022

Science everywhere, brain imaging on the go 😊🧠💪 just finished data collection of our latest experiment after long preparation and diligent execution of my students 🎉 #neuroergonomics #fnirs #neuroengineering
h J R

- October 12, 2022

"#Neuroergonomics:#fNIRS on the go" at the #fNIRS2022 special thanks to Meltem Izzetoglu, @avolu_neurotech @ranjanamehta @ThisistheWei and @neurosushi for great panel discussion with a inperson and remote participation
h J R

  • fNIRS Workshop on Clinical Neuroergonomics

    Dr. Shawn Joshi, postdoctoral fellow, will be representing the lab at the fNIRS Workshop on Clinical Neuroergonomics that will be held at Imperial College London on July 7th, 2022. Also, Dr. Kurtulus Izzetoglu, Associate Professor, … Continue reading fNIRS Workshop on Clinical Neuroergonomics

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  • Closed-Loop Brain Imaging May Improve Pilot Training

    Our recent publication, Neuroadaptive Training via fNIRS in Flight Simulators, is highlighted here:

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  • Congratulations Emma

    Congrats to Emma Dryden, master’s student in the lab, for successfully presenting her thesis defense. Emma worked on developing a Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) for ALS patients, with our collaborator Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson at Temple … Continue reading Congratulations Emma

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  • Congratulations Divya

    Congrats to CHOP CIRP and UPenn Bioengineering PhD student Divya Jain for successfully completing & presenting her dissertation. Divya was a visiting student in our lab and she quickly learned about fNIRS methods and applied … Continue reading Congratulations Divya

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  • 2022 Drexel AI Symposium

    Presented by the Drexel Society of Artificial Intelligence, the annual Drexel AI Symposium was held in person and online on May 28-29, 2022.  The symposium organizing committee included students from our lab, Satvik Tripathi and … Continue reading 2022 Drexel AI Symposium

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  • Hackathon winner Focus Tracker

    Mario De Lorenzo, Felix Maldonado, and Emma Dryden, all master students in our lab, participated in the DragonHacks 2022, to put the wearable neurotechnology skills they have learned to good use. The 24-hour hackathon was … Continue reading Hackathon winner Focus Tracker

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